Kūrybiškumas ir verslo inovacijos (anglų kalba)

Information of study programme
State code 6581LX002
Place Verslo vadybos fakultetas
Study field L01 Business
Degree and professional qualifications awarded Joint (Lithuanian, Estonian, Portuguese) Professional Bachelor’s degree in Business Management
Study mode (length in years) Full – time, 3 years
Volume of studies in credits 180
Course information Full-time studies
Admission in 2017
Admission in 2018

Career opportunities

Qualified business specialists will able to apply creativity training methods in business development activities, organize individual or group work, master and develop innovative ideas to improve products, services and business processes. The acquired knowledge and skills provide an opportunity to work as a business development specialist, product or service developer, employee training specialist or perform a similar kind of work at start-ups, national and international institutions, companies and organisations.

Learning outcomes of study programme

To be able to:

  • use innovative thinking techniques and implement individual, group and organizational creativity strategies.
  • identify personal learning needs and structure learning in different learning environments and seek necessary knowledge acquisition.
  • master and develop innovative ideas to improve   products, services and strategic business operations and handle complex intra- and entrepreneurial situations creatively.
  • apply sustainable business principles to foster economic growth and competitiveness.
  • understand, develop and implement business management models.
  • gain in-depth understanding of economic, financial and legal conditions and be able to launch and run business.
  • share interdisciplinary knowledge and communicate innovative and alternative concepts with internal and external stakeholders to support creative collaboration.
  • understand, assess and carry out scientific work in a well-considered methodological and theoretical basis.


Full-time study course information

Admission in 2017

Admission in 2018

1st semester (30 credits) Studies in Lithuania
Compulsory course Credits Assessment*
Organization and Management (Management, Organization) 10 E
Business Analysis (Fundamentals of Business, Organizational Behavior, Business Analysis) 10 E
Innovative Individual and Organization (Individual creativity, Organizational creativity) 10 P
2nd semester (30 credits) Studies in Lithuania
Compulsory course Credits Assessment*
Sustainable Development (Sustainable Business Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics) 10 E
Personal Insight and Development (Personal Leadership, Self -development) 10 P
Economics and Business Documentation (Economics, Enterprise Financial Management, Legal Basics and documentation) 10 P
3rd semester (30 credits) Studies in Portugal
Compulsory course Credits Assessment*
Sales and Market Mechanisms 10 E
Communication (Organizational Communication, Public Speaking, Intercultural Communication) 10 P
Entrepreneurial Behavior and Characteristics 10 P
4th semester (30 credits) Studies in Lithuania and Internship in Estonia
Compulsory course Credits Assessment*
Creativity (Enhancing Creativity, Creativity as a Scientific Field of Study) 10 E
Internship 20 R
5th semester (30 credits) Studies in Lithuania
Compulsory course Credits Assessment*
Business Models and Evolutionary Strategic Development (Innovation, Business Development Models, Change Management) 10 E
Knowledge Acquisition (Knowledge and Philosophy of Science, Intervention Theory and Practice) 10 P
Optional course Credits Assessment*
Optional course 1 10 E
Optional course 2
Optional course 3
6th semester (30 credits) Home or foreign country
Compulsory course Credits Assessment*
Final Internship 20 R
Final Thesis 10 FT

Students choose optional courses from the proposed subjects list.


E – examination;
P – project;
R – report;
FT –final thesis